No Choice (2020)

  • Drama
  • 1h 46m

Three woman living in three different circumstances in Iran; A homeless girl, a human rights lawyer, and a gynecologist. Golbahar, A sixteen-year-old girl, has been in the business of making babies for sale since she was eleven. The story begins when Golbahar is sold to a middle-aged man to have a baby for him. After a month, Golbahar is still not pregnant. Her pimp threatens to kill her, if she does not get pregnant soon. Golbahar undertakes some medical tests and to her surprises she finds out that her tubes have been tied. Golbahar has no knowledge of such operation ever done. She is suspicious that surgery was done when she was hospitalized for an accident she had a while back. A social worker introduces her to a lawyer. The lawyer believes that Golbahar’s situation is the result of an unofficial national plan to euthanize the homeless in Iran to control their rising population. Her research leads to finding the gynecologist responsible, however, she does not admit.


Reza Dormishian


Reza Dormishian

Director of Photography

Aieen Irani


Reza Dormishian

Film Editor

Haydeh Safi Yari






Iranian Independents