Inhale-Exhale (2019)

  • Crime, Drama
  • 1h 31m

Irina is a 37 year old woman returning back to her husband and children after serving time for a crime she took the blame for while working as a nurse. Moving back to this existence looking for redemption and forgiveness she looks to those closer to her finding nothing but closed doors and feeling like an outsider to the one’s she has bought into this world. Through a USA NGO rehabilitation programme she must attend yoga and gets free passes for synchronised swimming; a parody that plays against the brutal backdrop of Georgia’s old ‘Soviet’ western mining town, the infamous Chiatura Allienated from her family she finds solace with the gay son of a fellow inmate that moves her past an inner prejudice set from the institution. It seems their union can at last bring them freedom until tragedy strikes and she is forced to make her last final sacrifice.


English, Georgian


Georgia, Russia, Sweden


Viva FilmsCinetech Ltd, Antidote Sales