A Fish Swimming Upside Down (2020)

  • Drama
  • 1h 43m

Andrea, a woman without a past - playful, straightforward, ethereal, vivacious, candid, unpredictable. Philipp and Martin, his son love Andrea. Andrea’s presence shall fill the void that Hannah´s death has left in their hearts, the recently deceased wife and mother. A summer of fulfilled passion begins. But the inner emptiness of each individual soon demands for consolation, commitment and, not least, security. To possess becomes an urge. Love is suppressed by fear and present daily life is being suffocated under the weight of tomorrow. Three persons. One house. They live and behave outside of social norms and finally fail, because of their all too human needs. All that remains in the end, is emptiness and the question after guilt which must remain unanswered.


Eliza Petkova


Konstantin Kann

Director of Photography

Constanze Schmitt

Film Editor

Eliza Petkova






Wide Management, German Film & Television Academy Berlin